Auburn WA's Downtown Sculpture Gallery

Francisco Salgado, NW Sculptor, large painted steel sculpture  in yellow entitled 'Jump' in Auburn, WA

Auburn is a great example of a city revitalizing the downtown core with art. Last week I headed up for an evening sculpture walk through town.  With 6 new sculptures to enjoy from the current show and several permanent installations it's a significant benefit for the community. See all the art here and view the video the committee put together with artists videos during installation. This video really showcase the art and the artist.  

Now if you'd be so kind to take a moment to VOTE for your favorite. The city plans to choose a piece to purchase at the end of this show.  Hey maybe it will be mine.  It looks pretty good there doesn't it?

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Figure Studies Group @ ShopPeople

Back by popular demand I'm restarting an ongoing sculpture group dedicated to the human form.  Designed for amateurs who want to build figurative skills and pros who want a live model to work from. Materials costs, structure and model fees will all be discussed at that meeting.

MONDAYS from 6 to 9 pm starting May 16th. 10 week session.

Location: Shop People (head down driveway on Oak St to bottom and enter door at top of ramp)
416 SE Oak Street
Portland, OR 97214

Contact: Francisco Salgado if interested prior to 5/16/14.

cell // 503-951-8548
email //

figure studies 12..jpg
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Gallery Without Walls

Francisco Salgado, NW Sculptor with  Contrapposto, a large scale metal sculpture at Lake Oswego's Gallery without Walls in Oregon.

Contrapposto will be in display for the next two years at Evergreen St. & 2nd in Lake Oswego. It's always such an honor to be included in this exhibition.  I enjoyed having the chance to interact with all the art enthusiasts at the opening.

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Lake Oswego Show

Lake Oswego Art Show - Francisco Salgado

GWW 15: In Studio

Friday, September 6th between 5:00-7:00 pm

This exhibition features the studio work of the 2013-15 Gallery Without Walls artists working in a variety of media: photography, drawing, painting, and smaller scale sculptures in bronze, steel, wood and reclaimed metals. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see artwork by the same artists in our public art program that was recently unveiled around Lake Oswego on August 16th.

First Friday reception is scheduled on September 6th from 5-7:00 pm.

First Friday closing reception is scheduled on October 4th from 5-7:00 pm.

Located in the Arts Council of Lake Oswego’s Museum & ARTspace

510 1st Street, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Francisco Salagdo, Guy Wilson, Ulrich Pakker & James Lapp

Including artwork by:

Matt Babcock (Seattle, WA) | Olinka Broadfoot (Portland, OR) | Joe Burleigh (Carbondale, CO) | Ben Dye (Oregon City, OR) | Jennifer Ellsworth (Oregon City, OR) | James Lapp (Mt. Vernon, WA) | Brian Mock (Beaverton, OR) | Ulrich Pakker (Seattle, WA) | Francisco Salgado (Portland, OR) | David Turner (Gazelle, CA) | Patricia Vader (Martinez, CA) | Jim Willis (Cottage Grove, OR) | Guy Wilson (Brush Prairie, WA)

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CCC Outdoor Sculpture Show

'Anima Eterna' by Portland sculptor Francisco Salgado. Large scale, figurative blue metal sculpture.

Rick True who runs the scultpure program at Clackamas Community College is organizing his last outdoor show before he retires the next year. Having participated in previous years I was thrilled to be invited back again for this show.  

The sculpture I made for this occasion I've entitled 'Anima Eterna'. It is available for purchase for $4600 and would be a dramatic accent piece to a modern home interior or exterior.

The campus will be filled with sculpture from April 10th to June 15th. 

An artists’ reception featuring the Tuboh Butoh/Sheri Brown Dance Company will be held on Thursday, May 24, from 3 to 6:30 p.m. in the college commons outside the Community Center. The dance company will present “Opening/Processional/Divided by Zero” in two performances at 3:30 and 5:30 p.m. They will continue to perform in various locations among the sculptures throughout the reception.

You don't need a ticket - just drive on out and take a picnic lunch. I promise it will be worth it. Some of my favorite sculptors will be there too.

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'Jump' at Milwaukie City Hall

With a hop, skip and a 'JUMP' one of my favorite sculptures is now on exhibit in front of the City Hall in Milwaukie, Oregon. It will be on display for the coming year with a grand opening this Friday, October 7th at 6pm. Join me as the City of Milwaukie welcomes new sculptures to their sculpture garden. 

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Installing Bike corrals in Eugene

installed in front of the Kiva | 125 W. 11th, Eugene, OR

My friend, Lee Imonen, has been busy this year. As a class proyect he had his students design and fabricate bike racks for the city of Eugene. The first term the students researched and designed the forms which were then presented to the city and three designs were chosen. In the next term the class fabricated them as a group project. I've been watching these imaginative bike securing stations unfold over the last year and was able to lend a hand when they installed two of them.


preparing for installation


near the Eugene train depot.

Thursday morning the mayor  of Eugene Kitty Piercy had a dedication for the corrals and gave Lee the golden wrench of the city. I thought it was pretty cool that the project even made it to the papers and TV. Seemed like a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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Working in Dexter on Imonen's 'Basin'

Last week I was invited to work at Lee Imonen’s studio in Dexter, OR. The final weeks of finishing a sculpture are usually the most stressful for an artist and I offered to lend him a hand to complete his latest sculpture 'Basin'.


Project Brief:

Imonen was recently selected to design a public plaza and sculpture for Owens Hall at OIT Oregon Institute of Technology in Kalamath Falls.

He worked closely with the OIT Civil Engineering Department, the campus community and the Klamath Falls community to develop a comprehensive plan for the space south of Owens Hall and to complete the fabrication of the sculpture.

Working with a good friend can even make the 12 hour days of sandplasting and painting more enjoyable.

One of the functions of this particular sculpture is educational. The conections illustrate many types of welds and forms to bind structures. The form below was fabricated from steel and will be suspended by the three colums that collect rain and spill it through the center core. It was covered with aluminum sheets and riveted into place to create a decorative skin around the metal.


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I just finished a temporary installation of my relief entitled, Entidades. It's out in front of our studio in Sellwood on the Tacoma Street side. I hope the rotating art show entertains the drivers stuck in traffic. I welcome inquiries from folks interested in encorporating into their living or work environment.

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Sculture at the Oregon Country Fair

This year we went South to the Oregon Country Fair to explore the forest for arts, crafts and music in Veneta Oregon. Here are a few fun sculptural pieces I encountered in the fair. It was impressive to see how the artists incorporated nature into their sculpture.

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A Weekend in Bellingham

The Big Rock Garden organized a gathering for the sculptors exhibiting this year at the park; Shirley Erickson, Thor Myhre, and myself. It was a treat to visit with the committee and fellow artists during our first evening in town. 

On Sunday, the weather cooperated and we were very lucky to enjoy the opening without raindrops on our head. The Big Rock Sculpture Garden attracts lots of fans during their opening Mother's Day weekend and we got to meet many of them including George Drake who founded the garden in 1981.

If you've been wondering about the yellow sculpture in front the studio it's visiting Bellingham for the next five months. See it loves its new home.

Special thanks to Jeni Cottrell and all the members of the committee for making us feel so welcomed in your town.

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3 Sculptures & 3 Guys Go North

Moving three sculptures to Bellingham for the Big Rock Garden Sculpture show was no easy task. First I had to go pick up Familia in Dexter, Oregon where it had been on display. Then I had to take down 'Jump' from in front of our studio with the help of my friend Roberto. I estimate it at around 500 lbs and for some reason I always seem to get the heavy end. After pumping up my truck tires, testing the trailor brakes and loading a trailor full of steel and wood we headed off for the five hour drive up North.

I was fortunate to have concrete pads for the two individual sculptures but the 'Familia' multi-person grouping had to me mounted directly into the ground. This presented me with a challenge to figure out how to stake it to the rocky ground. (I learned where the aptly named 'Big Rock Garden' comes from) Almost three hours later we finally got it solve and installed. Whew...

Looking forward to heading back next weekend for the opening weekend. The otherly newly installed sculptures will be paired with their sculptor for a chance for the public to talk with artists on Sunday, May 8th between 1 pm - 3pm.

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From Paper to Copper

After some additional sketches I've decided to have 6 figures down in two separate groupings that fit together like a puzzle. I've decided to work with copper over plywood and paint the surfaces with different patinas to create a multi-colored effect. This is the first figures I've completed.

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Invite to Big Rock Garden

After applying to this call I was thrilled to be invited to show not just one but three of my sculptures at the Big Rock Garden - Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit. They've asked for 'Jump', 'Anima', and 'Familia.' So at the end of the month I'm going to borrow a trailer and hit the road for Bellingham Washington. These pieces will be on display for about five months. So if you are heading North to Canada be sure to stop by it's a lovely park.

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Entidades Germinates

Sometimes interesting ideas have very humble beginnings. In this case my inspiration came when my only tool and paper were a pen and a napkin. The gesture and form I sketched is the germination of a vision of an interlocking wall sculpture.

As an artist the idea is not always fully formed but comes together in the coming weeks or months, in bits and pieces like a puzzle...continuing evolving and taking shape. 'Entidades' is the name I have in mind and I am looking forward to where the sculpture will go from here.

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Opening at Maryhill

It's always such an accomplishment for an artist to get to the opening reception and see a their work on display for the public. With my friends and family by my side we were able to tour some of the amazing sculpture on display at Maryhill Museum of Art and see my 'Familia' in its new home for the Summer.

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