3 Sculptures & 3 Guys Go North

Moving three sculptures to Bellingham for the Big Rock Garden Sculpture show was no easy task. First I had to go pick up Familia in Dexter, Oregon where it had been on display. Then I had to take down 'Jump' from in front of our studio with the help of my friend Roberto. I estimate it at around 500 lbs and for some reason I always seem to get the heavy end. After pumping up my truck tires, testing the trailor brakes and loading a trailor full of steel and wood we headed off for the five hour drive up North.

I was fortunate to have concrete pads for the two individual sculptures but the 'Familia' multi-person grouping had to me mounted directly into the ground. This presented me with a challenge to figure out how to stake it to the rocky ground. (I learned where the aptly named 'Big Rock Garden' comes from) Almost three hours later we finally got it solve and installed. Whew...

Looking forward to heading back next weekend for the opening weekend. The otherly newly installed sculptures will be paired with their sculptor for a chance for the public to talk with artists on Sunday, May 8th between 1 pm - 3pm.

Posted on April 24, 2011 and filed under Installation.