In 1985 I arrived from Mexico to Oregon with a plan to learn Englishand head to Europe. I soon knew I needed more time in Oregon so Idecided to stay and pursue an education in the arts. Starting at LaneComm. College to learn English I moved on to the Photography Dept. atthe University of Oregon where I earned a BFA. I was then invited to pursue a scholarship in the Sculpture Dept. and received a MFA two years later.

While making sculpture at the U of O I was able to incorporate myexperiences from my Mexican culture into my work creating a symbiosiswith my past and present experiences. After graduation I traveled inEurope with my fiancé and we were exposed to the incredible abundance ofEuropean art and history. We eventually returned to Portland to startour dreams of being ‘artists’. I soon found employment teachingphotography at Clack Community College in Vancouver, WA and we started aphotography studio in Portland.

In 1994, I was invited to teach Sculpture at Portland CommunityCollege, Rock Creek campus. The experience of transforming students with my enthusiasm about sculpture made teaching a fulfilling way to giveback.

Connecting with my heritage compelled me to interact with the arts in Mexico and in 1997 I traveled South to create ‘The 11 × 11 Sculpture Show’ with Devin Laurence Field and Kim Campbell. Eleven Mexican and eleven Oregon sculptors exhibited at prestigious locations in Mexico and Oregon.

In the years since, I’ve focused on creating public art works thatcreate a sense of place with an aura of playfulness and a nod toinclusion.

Between active sculpturing I am also an artistic real estate agent who helps folks find homes in Portland’s coolest areas with his neighborhood guide, with an eye for architecture I have also created a substantive guide to Portland’s historic home style’s and architecture. one of the principal photographers at a boutique photography studio - Campbell Salgado Studio in Portland, Oregon.

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