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Working in Dexter on Imonen's 'Basin'

Last week I was invited to work at Lee Imonen’s studio in Dexter, OR. The final weeks of finishing a sculpture are usually the most stressful for an artist and I offered to lend him a hand to complete his latest sculpture 'Basin'.


Project Brief:

Imonen was recently selected to design a public plaza and sculpture for Owens Hall at OIT Oregon Institute of Technology in Kalamath Falls.

He worked closely with the OIT Civil Engineering Department, the campus community and the Klamath Falls community to develop a comprehensive plan for the space south of Owens Hall and to complete the fabrication of the sculpture.

Working with a good friend can even make the 12 hour days of sandplasting and painting more enjoyable.

One of the functions of this particular sculpture is educational. The conections illustrate many types of welds and forms to bind structures. The form below was fabricated from steel and will be suspended by the three colums that collect rain and spill it through the center core. It was covered with aluminum sheets and riveted into place to create a decorative skin around the metal.


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From Paper to Copper

After some additional sketches I've decided to have 6 figures down in two separate groupings that fit together like a puzzle. I've decided to work with copper over plywood and paint the surfaces with different patinas to create a multi-colored effect. This is the first figures I've completed.

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Color Picking for Familia


One of the most interesting parts of creating sculpture is finding the right color for a piece that fits the mood, form and intended space. After many tests and trials from blue to white, I finally landed on using a deep orange red, like a juicy red pepper. Painting can be decidedly noxious and that's why I'm glad I have good friends like Lee Imonen who are willing to help spread paint fast and furiously before it sets. Even Tamaio couldn't resist taking a peek at the color choice.

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Work Continues in Dexter

After an industrious weekend at my friend and colleague Lee Imonen's studio I was able to see how close I am to finishing this sculpture. From sanding to priming - surface preparation can be a bear and takes a great deal of patience and thoroughness. On Sunday night I was able to take the five forms home. Now I'll need to spend some time considering how to finish them. Red, blue, green or many luscious choices to choose from.

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Sculpture Build Off

  Reed Rothschild invited me to be a part of the 'Sculpture Build-Off'. This creative design and sculpt project is in its third year. Each artist is given three days, ample materials and a space in which to design and fabricate a finished sculpture. After scaling my sketches and maquettes I took the metal to BBC Steel to be cut.

With all the parts in place and the help of Lee Imonen we welded, grinded, and had a great experience among fellow sculptors. We welded, grinded, and had a great experience among fellow sculptors. With great pleasure 'Familia was born a mere three days later.

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The Fabrication of Jump

I was recently asked by a member of the selection committee of the Arts Council of Lake Oswego to participate in the next Gallery Without Walls group exhibition. The piece I had imagined for this show I've entitled 'Jump' and it brings to mind the verve and energy that happens in a city environment.

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