Installation Success at the Maryhill Museum of Art

We loaded all five family members on a trailor and headed up the Columbia Gorge to install 'Familia' at the Maryhill Art Museum in Maryhill, WA. My wife Kim Campbell and son Tamaio even tagged along for a lovely drive. After dodging peacocks and other outdoor sculpture we were able to get the trailer into place in a sweet spot next to the installation site. In order to withstand gale winds in the Gorge we used about 30 bags of concrete to anchor each piece down. Without the help of Lee Musgrave, the able-bodied grounds crew and my good friend Lee Imonen I'd have met my match on this installation for sure. The Outdoor Sculptural Invitational is in a few weeks and I can't wait to see all the other work that assembles there.

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Color Picking for Familia


One of the most interesting parts of creating sculpture is finding the right color for a piece that fits the mood, form and intended space. After many tests and trials from blue to white, I finally landed on using a deep orange red, like a juicy red pepper. Painting can be decidedly noxious and that's why I'm glad I have good friends like Lee Imonen who are willing to help spread paint fast and furiously before it sets. Even Tamaio couldn't resist taking a peek at the color choice.

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Work Continues in Dexter

After an industrious weekend at my friend and colleague Lee Imonen's studio I was able to see how close I am to finishing this sculpture. From sanding to priming - surface preparation can be a bear and takes a great deal of patience and thoroughness. On Sunday night I was able to take the five forms home. Now I'll need to spend some time considering how to finish them. Red, blue, green or many luscious choices to choose from.

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Gallery Without Walls Installation

The installation of Jump in Lake Oswego on June 2008 was an unusually simple. The city of Lake Oswego contracted a company to do all the installations for the artists to make sure the pads and supporting spaces are engineered to proper codes. As a sculptor unaccustomed to such gracious installation support I have to say it was by far the easiest installation I've experienced.

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Sculpture Build Off

  Reed Rothschild invited me to be a part of the 'Sculpture Build-Off'. This creative design and sculpt project is in its third year. Each artist is given three days, ample materials and a space in which to design and fabricate a finished sculpture. After scaling my sketches and maquettes I took the metal to BBC Steel to be cut.

With all the parts in place and the help of Lee Imonen we welded, grinded, and had a great experience among fellow sculptors. We welded, grinded, and had a great experience among fellow sculptors. With great pleasure 'Familia was born a mere three days later.

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The Idea Behind Familia

Where does creativity come from?Sometimes an idea just manifests itself from witnessing a shadow or shape on a wall or a reflection on a window. In my other career as a portrait photographer I encounter beautiful silhouettes of family's as they gather around. The negative space between the members suggests relationships and comfort. The concept for 'Familia' started with a sketch and that evolved into a paper maquette to play with space, form and shape.


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The Fabrication of Jump

I was recently asked by a member of the selection committee of the Arts Council of Lake Oswego to participate in the next Gallery Without Walls group exhibition. The piece I had imagined for this show I've entitled 'Jump' and it brings to mind the verve and energy that happens in a city environment.

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The Idea Behind Jump

Many times I have to start whit a 3D exercise, I don’t start with a drawing but rather, clay, or wood in this case was wood, cutting and playing arranging and rearranging the parts until something happens, then it went to foam board and then into digital in the computer to crated a drawing and then a AutoCAD to send to the cutters.

Posted on February 22, 2007 .